What if?


From: David Boone

Houston, MN

What if there were no federal tax system in place and it was up to you to choose between the following two systems:


You report your income to the government at least once a year. You have 15 or 20 percent of your income removed from your check each pay period. At tax time, you waste valuable time, organizing receipts, etc and filling out complicated forms, or worse yet, pay someone else to fill out complicated forms. Others game the system by not reporting earnings, or by avoiding the tax thru loopholes, causing you to have to take up the slack. Lobbyists waste the congress' time for benefit of special interests. The system requires over 166,000 pages to document all the regulations. 50 professional tax preparers get 50 different bottom line figures.


You have nothing removed from your paycheck. You pay tax only when you buy a new item or service, in fact, you decide if and when you pay tax. Everybody gets a "prebate" each month to reimburse the tax on necessities. April 15th becomes just another spring day. Wow, talk about no-brainers"

Wait a minute, you do have that choice. It's called the FairTax. Find out more by going to www.fairtax.org.


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