Man allegedly impersonates police over phone


by Sarah Squires

A man pretending to be a police officer said that he was trying to stop another man from harassing him and a friend, police said.

Regardless of the reason, police cited Tyler Macabe Bobbenmoyer, 23, of Winona, for impersonating an officer.

Police first learned of the alleged impersonation on December 28, when Joshua Patrick Gander, 26, of Winona, called the station. He called an officer directly, upset over what he thought to be a phone message accusing him of being a drug dealer.

The message, according to police, accused Gander of selling drugs and told him to turn himself in or he'd be arrested. The person on the message reportedly identified himself as a Winona Police officer.

Police checked the telephone number that the message had come from and found a phone registered under a Winona woman's name. Gander said that he thought the voice could have been the woman's friend, Tyler.

When police questioned Bobbenmoyer, he admitted to making the call. He said that Gander had been harassing him and the woman and that he'd thought of a plan. He'd hoped that the message would stop the alleged harassment from Gander.


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