Police nab laptop thief from eBay clue


by Sarah Squires

Police discovered a stolen Winona State University laptop for sale on eBay, which lead to charges against a student who worked in the Information Technology lab.

An evidence technician officer searching online sites for Winona computer sales discovered a Gateway laptop for sale on eBay on December 18. The laptop was being sold by Mainstream Pawn and Gun, and the officer went to examine the laptop to see if it was a legitimate pawn.

The officer discovered that the laptop had its serial numbers scratched off, but the numbers were retrieved from the computer's memory board. It turned out that the computer was WSU property.

Mainstream said that Sabit Ahmed, 26, of Winona, had pawned the computer on November 16 for $300. When Ahmed was questioned, police said he admitted that he is a student worker at WSU in the Information Technology lab, and that he'd taken and pawned the computer because he needed money. The laptop, valued at $2,500, was returned to WSU. Ahmed has been referred to the County Attorney's office for potential charges of computer theft.


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