DWI arrest leads to alleged assault of officer


by Sarah Squires

An arrest made early Thursday led to a struggle involving a Tazer and an alleged police assault, along with numerous charges.

Police said that the incident began after a vehicle was stopped on Harvester Street north of Fifth Street. The vehicle was stopped for crossing the center line and having an object obstructing the driver's view. When the vehicle pulled over a passenger, later identified as Brandon Keith Johnson, fled the scene on foot.

Police cited the driver, Lucas Alan Smith, 19, of Winona, for third degree driving while intoxicated, open bottle, minor possession of alcohol, crossing the center line and obstructed view. His blood alcohol content was measured at .24 percent.

Less than 20 minutes later an officer spotted someone matching Johnson's description, who had fled the previous scene, near the Kwik Trip on South Baker. When the officer approached Johnson, who was later charged with fleeing a police officer on foot, another man approached.

Seth Allen Frick, 23, of Winona, began challenging the officer on the Johnson arrest, police said. The officer reported that he kept telling Frick to leave the area, but Frick refused and began yelling and moving in closer to the officer and Johnson. The officer radioed for backup and allegedly pushed Frick aside. Police said that Frick then began swinging his hands at the officer and pushed back, stating that he'd been stabbed by police in the past.

The officer then reportedly got out a can of Mace and Frick ran off, just as the backup arrived. The new officer chased Frick and reportedly ordered him to stop.

Police then allege that Frick took something shiny and something black out and raised the object toward the officer, which later turned out to be a planner. The officer took out a Tazer and tazered Frick, who police said was not subdued because of winter clothing blocking the device.

Officers said that a struggle ensued with Flick "flailing his arms" which struck the officer in the face. Police also said that the officer struck his face against a parked car when "taking him down."

The officer reportedly had a bloody nose after the incident but was unsure exactly what caused it during the struggle.

Frick, who wasn't in the earlier vehicle traffic stop, was cited for fourth degree assault of a police officer, obstruction with force and fleeing on foot.


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