Senior Friendship Center has much to offer


From: Ray Dickson

In response to the woman, in her open letter to the mayor and City Council, who believes she can dictate to others when they are allowed to speak an opinion, or not; this is America, land of the free, where people have the right to express their views. I served in the Armed Forces to protect this right and you are not going to take that away from me. I am a member of the Senior "FRIENDSHIP" Center, and I have an obligation as a member to share my ideas and requests for programming so what is offered will be what interests me. And your statement that you have been a good listener, I think you mean to say selective listener. The comments in your letter show you to be willing to listen only to those who share your particular point of view, and no other. I don't know when the last time you were in the Senior Friendship Center was, but I have seen many seniors ranging in age from 55 to over 90 socializing and enjoying what the Senior Friendship Center has to offer. The staff is remarkably friendly and courteous. And as far as your resume; who cares!!!!! Any person who is over 55 is entitled to be a Senior Friendship Center member, no matter their education, or committee involvement or volunteering. We are all important and entitled to be treated as an equal. For it is what's inside, who a person is that counts in my book.


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