llegal aliens


From: James Kvam

Pine City, Minn.

January 1, 2008, a big day for America. Oklahoma passed a strong anti-illegal alien law that was effective November 1, 2007. This law attempts to restrict employment and welfare benefits for illegal aliens. Before November 1, 2007, over 25,000 immigrants have fled from Oklahoma back to Mexico, other home countries, and states like Washington, Oregon and Minnesota that have excellent welfare benefits and are pro-illegal alien. Arizona and Tennessee have enacted similar laws that will become effective January 1, 2008. Utah, Colorado, Florida and other states are trying to enact similar laws. These lawmakers worry that all the illegal immigrants will come to their states. John McCain and Ted Kennedy and other politicians have stated we must give them amnesty because it is unreasonable to believe we can deport 12 million people. They said it would cost many billions of dollars. Their logic is flawed, because even before the laws became effective many were self-deporting at their own expense.


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