Go for it, girl!


From: Dick Smith

Goodview, Minn.

It looks like the "I fear Linda" chant for next year's election has started. According to retired military horn-tooting Stan Gudmundson, there should be zero tolerance for Linda Pfeilsticker's recent DUI arrest. It seems she should not be allowed a second chance even though a very sincere admission of guilt and apology were offered by Linda. I do not know Linda personally, but it is evident that she is regarded as a major threat in her quest for a seat in the House of Representatives. The recent rant by Gudmundson in the Winona Daily News reflects the fear and apprehension that the Republicans feel concerning their upcoming demise in 2008. He raps the ethical standards of the Democrats but sweeps all the indiscretions of the Republican congressmen conveniently under the rug. Those don't count, right Stan? In fact, the nation's Commander-in-Chief, and head Bozo, has a history of alcoholism that makes Linda look like a choir girl. Never mind that, right Stan? This country was built and runs on flexibility and forgiveness which is why we should give Linda a second chance. Drunk driving is a serious offense, but should not be a political death sentence. Linda, consider the source of criticism here, cast it aside, and go for it, girl!


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