The rest of the story


From: John Schreiber

In the Winona Post (Dec. 23, 2007) front page story "District finances get auditors A+" it went on to read "The financial turnaround is due to passage of an operating referendum in 2005 which started infusing the district with new funds last year."

Here's the rest of the story, or untold story. Only through the hijacking of the 2005 referendum by college students and their professors with approval of the school board was it able to survive. This money being infused in School District 861 today and the next few years is money that was taken out of the pockets of the majority of property taxpayers who voted no in that referendum.

What the majority of 861 property taxpayers indicate was that they were willing to send this district back to the state bankrupt, for full support from the state. No more skewed referendums by students' vote. No more $100,000 fines for not settling teachers' contracts. No more unethical school boards. No more unfunded programs. No more superintendents threatening parents with a four-day school week. No more unfunded mandates from the state. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it? Let's hope in the next few years we will get another chance.


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