Burglary suspect found hiding under bed


by Sarah Squires

Police interrupted a suspected burglar in action early Friday morning after neighbors heard suspicious noises and called authorities.

Police were called to the 200 block of East Eighth Street at 1:48 a.m. after downstairs tenants heard a loud noise and footsteps in the apartment upstairs. The tenants said they knew no one was supposed to be home at the time.

When police arrived, they reportedly saw shadows and announced their presence, telling the suspect to come out.

Instead of coming out, police found Brent James Ingham, 28, of Winona, hiding under a bed.

Ingham reportedly told police that he didn't live at the residence. Police found a large laundry basket full of items that they suspected Ingham was trying to take. He was referred to the County Attorney's office for potential second degree burglary charges.

Among the items police believed that Ingham was trying to take were various electronics, a change jar, a bottle of tequila, 16 DVDs, prescription medications, a camera, a cell phone, a "Hunky-Dory Coin Bank," and a pink makeup kit.


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