Thanks, Janice


From: Beth Eichman

I would like to extend a huge "hats off" to Janice Turek for her very well-written editorial in the January 1, 2006, edition of the Winona Post. I couldn't agree more. My heart aches for what all three families are going through, but enough already with the sensationalism in the Winona Daily News. This should have been a short paragraph under the police blotter, not front page news two days in a row. The most ridiculous thing is that in the Dec 31 issue of the Daily News they have now billed this one of the top 10 stories of the year. Absolutely ridiculous. Heartless at best. Mr. Galewski's article was also wonderful, as parents we need to talk to our children. This is a nightmare none of us want to go through and the fact that the Winona Daily News made this top-billing news is sad. Unlike Janice, I do know Katie. She is a very good girl, from a good family, who happened to make a very bad decision. She is not a bad person. Had the passengers in the other vehicle been anyone else I doubt this would have been front page news. My heart goes out to all three families, this is an accident that shouldn't have happened, but please let these families deal with this without the sensationalism that has already been displayed. My heartfelt well wishes to Tom and Connie during their recovery, and to Katie as she goes through the legal ordeal that is ahead of her. God bless all of you.

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