A fair tax and the poor


From: Herbert W. Peter

Letters to the Eiditor in the recent past have stated that we should not cut government programs for the poor. Writers quote Scripture, but they seem to believe that the government should be the main source of helping the poor. Scripture clearly speaks to the PEOPLE about helping the poor, not to their governments. God set up government on earth as a means of having an orderly society for the good of the people. Does this mean that government should not have programs for the poor? No, but the emphasis should not be on throwing money at programs, believing that poverty can be eliminated that way. Jesus said in John 12:8 that the poor will always be with us. We should use our time, talents, and treasures to help the poor as much as we are able, which also includes teaching the poor how to provide for themselves.

Those who want to help the poor through government programs complain that the money should come from taxing the rich more. I am in the middle class, and I don't subscribe to that premise. Those in the top income brackets (1-5%) could certainly get along with less than what many believe to be unreasonable, but I am not going to judge what those amounts should be. I don't know their motives and responsibilites. It is not money that is the root of all evil, but the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. Both the rich and poor are guilty of the latter. These writers say the rich should pay more. I have news for them. With the tax rate cuts, they have been paying more. The top 1% paid about 30% a few years ago to over 33% of total personal income taxes recently received, according to IRS figures. Which is more significant, the tax rate or the total amount paid by the rich?

A tax system that would be equitable to all is one that abolishes the current bloated IRS Code and replaces it with the Fair Tax Code, which is a one-time sales tax on new goods and services sold. The economy would expand more than at the present, the rich would pay more because they spend more, and billions of dollars socked away in foreign countries could be repatriated. The economists who helped U. S. Representative John Lindner of Georgia write the bill have made this bill revenue neutral with fewer regulations. Have a Happy New Year.

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