Nocturnal annoyance


Nocturnal annoyance

One night I lay sleeping not too long ago

The moon shone outside on a fresh coat of snow

Darkness and silence were all through the house

No sound could be heard but the snore of my spouse

All nestled was I very snug in my bed

While dreams of warm summer days danced through my head

When all of a sudden I woke with a start!

An unwelcome noise pierced my ears like a dart!

“What is that?” I wondered. “Just what could it be?”

How very annoying! The source I can’t see

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep was the sound that I heard

‘Twas like a mechanical, robotic bird

I counted the beeps to a million and ten!

Starting and stopping again and again

I looked at the clock thinking “How could this be?

Who’d make such a racket at quarter past three?”

It must be those snowplows at WSU

So right now those beepers are warning just who?

And other folks, too, in homes closer than ours

Are likely awake in these wee morning hours

It’s nice that they’re vigilant clearing the snow

But sleep deprived neighbors get testy, you know

So is there an answer? Well yes, I would say,

Please turn off those beepers or plow in the day

Ruth Bures


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