Build the fence; shut the door


From: Col Stan Gudmundson
USAF (Ret)
Peterson, Minn.

“From 1925 until 1970, a steady 0.1 percent of the [U.S.] population was in state or federal prison.” “Since 1970, population has increased by one-third, but the prison population has nearly sextupled.” What changed? What else accounts for the explosive increase in our prison populace? Besides “liberal judges, destructive social programs, illegitimacy, and social decay” I mean?

There is. It’s a biggie no one talks about. The major factor in the increase in U.S. incarceration rates is Ted Kennedy’s 1965 immigration reform act. Consequently, America has been inundated with innumerable legal and illegal immigrants whose crimes have dramatically increased our prison populations.

How many legal and illegal immigrant prisoners do we have? As Ann Coulter points out in her book “Adios America,” we know that “1.1 million … rental units … in 2010 … had mold in their bathrooms, 382,000 … had broken or missing stair railings” and we know “the [precise] number of carports” there are “in America.” We also know that “2,651 … Samoans … in 2010 did not have battery-powered radios.”

But amazingly our government, the one that is supposed to be watching out for us, hasn’t been counting criminal immigrants. Why? Maybe they don’t want to know. Or maybe they don’t want us to know how bad the situation really is.

Well, Congress finally asked for some numbers. “In 2011, the Government Accountability Office [GAO] reported … 351,000 criminal aliens: 55,000 immigrants in federal prisons and 296,000 illegal aliens in state and local facilities.”

“The GAO counted all immigrants in federal prison” … ” but only illegal immigrants in state prisons and local jails.” But the GAO also excluded (and excludes) eight different immigrant categories from its totals.

This really means that GAO figures wildly underestimate the actual number of immigrants (legal and illegal) in our prisons and jails. And the amount of crime they commit. And the cost to society.

Do prisoner populations in foreign countries also indicate the severity of virtually unrestricted immigration? Of course. In Denmark the population of actual native Danish criminals is outnumbered by criminals from nine other individual countries. Even with fewer immigrants than most other German states, the Saxony crime rate increased 47 percent this year.

It’s time to change our immigration policies. Not only are we bringing in massive numbers of criminals but at least one-third of today’s immigrants don’t have a high school education. Moreover, “52 percent of legal immigrant households with children are on government assistance” … and “nearly 60 percent of immigrants – legal and illegal – are on government assistance.”

When immigrants become U.S. citizens now, how do they vote? Eighty percent vote Democrat. This is the real reason why we have the immigration policies we do. Democrats want to hang on to their power. They don’t care if they have to destroy our country to keep it.

Count the number of immigrant criminals. Build the fence. Shut the door. And if you are still a Democrat? It’s time to put your country first. Instead of your party first, hatred of Republicans second, and our country a distant third. Starting now.


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