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For thousands of years, the people who work in agriculture have fed us and kept our planet growing. While many professions have become obsolete over the years, agriculture is still a vibrant and growing field. Here’s a look at a few career choices available in the world of agriculture. 

When people think of agriculture they usually think of the farmer. These folks are the life blood of agriculture and their job is an important one. Agriculture is indeed science and can be learned in many ways. While the concepts can be taught in school, there is nothing like getting your hands dirty. Learning to farm is many times passed down by generation. This is not to say that you must be born into it. While many people consider the farmer a person who works with their hands, their minds need to be just as strong. Farming is a true science. 

If you prefer using your back, there are plenty of jobs on the farm for you. Before our advanced technology, farmers of the past had to know how to do and fix just about everything. In many ways that still holds true today. Planting and harvesting crop aren’t the only labor-based jobs on the farm. There is plenty of work with machinery, animals and good old-fashion hard work. 

An agricultural job that beckons people with a love for animals is that of a veterinarian. This profession is one of the most important jobs in agriculture. As long as there are animals on the farm, there will be a need for veterinarians.  A love of animals is a requirement, but so is a large amount of formal education. If you are willing to achieve an advanced education, being a veterinarian might be your calling.

Not interested in being veterinarian? There are other animal-related careers in the world of agriculture. For example, there are animal nutritionists. The career combines animal behavior and animal nutrition with chemistry, economics and the processing of their food. This career relies on hard science, so if that is where your skills lie, this might be the agricultural career for you.

Do you like nature but would rather focus on plants than animals? If so, horticulture may be for you. When most people think of horticulture, they think of garden plants and lawn care. While this is a part of horticulture, the field covers much more. Today’s horticulturists work with hard science including plant breeding and genetic engineering. They work with crop production and inspection as well as insect resistance and effects of the climate on plants. 

Another field you may consider is conservation. While you may not think of this as an agricultural career, it is. People with knowledge and an education in agriculture are often employed by the Fish & Wildlife Service, functioning in national and state parks. 

There are many career fields in the world of agriculture, some you probably never considered. A career is not limited to farming or ranching; explore your opportunities and determine if a career in agriculture is for you.


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