A Matter of Faith: Are you sharing good news?


From: David Foss

Let’s say this: A man comes to your home and gives you a book. He tells you that if you follow the book’s instructions, your lifespan will increase by 30 years. Would you keep the news to yourself? Would you not tell you spouse, children, brothers, relatives, and friends of such a marvelous book? If you kept such a thing to yourself, you’d be accused of selfishness, thoughtlessness, and being uncaring.

Wouldn’t everyone want a copy? Absolutely! After all, being able to add three decades to one’s lifespan should be joyous news. Now realize, there is a book available to everyone and in most homes across the world that promises eternal life. This most important book should not be collecting dust on your shelves, it should be being read by all. As you’ve probably guessed this book is the Bible. Pick it back up and cherish its teachings.


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