A Matter of Faith: We don’t have much?


From: David Foss

Have you ever thought to yourself, “I sure don’t have much! I wish I had more!” Most of us have had such a thought many times.

Most of us do not appreciate the things that we have acquired. Most of us are not satisfied with the amount of material items that we possess. We are an ungrateful bunch. We are guilty of bellyaching and often wanting more, more, MORE!

We want things that are better; we want things that are bigger. When we do get something better or bigger we quickly become dissatisfied with it.

We complain that our vehicles are not as neat or fancy as our neighbors. Our homes are not big enough. We don’t have enough appliances, furniture, knickknacks, etc. The things that we do have are antiquated, and belong in a museum in our minds. We don’t have enough lawn for a garden. We don’t have all the gadgets “everyone” else has. We don’t think we have enough for clothes, jewelry and other things. We want to eat out more. We want to vacation and travel more. We just never seem to have enough to keep us happy anymore and we constantly complain.

Some seem to think we live in a country where nobody is willing or able to help us in our “hopeless” state; that we live in a country where there is no hope for assistance or relied — financial or otherwise; that we live in a country where there are not government programs to provide for our “destitute” situation.

Imagine if we lived in a dull world, with no vastness of color. Everything was either gray or white, all the landscape was the same, and unsightly. Imagine we existed on this planet all by ourselves with no birds other animals, that there was no color in all God’s creation, and beauty was non-existent. Now try complaining about all those other material things!

Have you ever taken a long look at what our Creator has created and given to each of us? Have you ever taken the time to observe and contemplate God’s seemingly endless beauty that surrounds us? His awesome creation is ever before us, yet we seldom (if ever) thank Him for all He has given us.

It is a fact that we have been blessed with everything that we need, yet most of us complain we do not have enough. Is this really true? Of course not! We have more than enough, and those of us who have more than enough can and should help to meet the needs of those who do not. Would anyone from another country ever say we Americans don’t have much?

Who gives us everything we need? Whether you believe in Him or not it is You-Know-Who!


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