The night we tore the goal post down


From: Dick Gallien

Are the Purple Flue/Virus symptoms described so vividly by Patrick Marek normal and healthy? When the bounce of a ball can put you and an entire state on a cloud-like high or in a fetal position, do you have an addiction/illness? Where did this bug come from and is there a cure?

I believe a huge factor was ingrained in us the minute we were crammed like hogs into a classroom with an ever-present adult/guard training us like circus animals, to jump for the bribe, with never a chance to discover our own passions and pursue them, for the inner satisfaction instead of some textbook writer’s bribe. Experience is the best teacher and we learn by doing, not by being led around to forced feeding stations like cattle in CAFOS. Over 90 percent of what was crammed for the test is forgotten within two weeks, while one’s inner curiosity dries up. Let’s be honest, school is a boring waste of life and the biggest lie our nation has ever swallowed, next to Trump, is that its purpose is education, whereas our democratic-compulsory school system was concocted by the German Prussians as the most efficient system for controlling the masses. And why isn’t this fact mentioned in teacher training institutions? It is the same system that allowed the most highly schooled Germans to be led by an Austrian school dropout into what resulted in 60 million deaths, the same system whose products put someone in the White House, with his finger on what he might believe would make him the biggest, greatest ever.

To this system of mass distraction, we are the only nation to add athletic teams, marching bands, cheerleaders, and compulsory pep fests before our-team-against-the-enemy games with non-stop media coverage including the ever-present brew enhancers, which mass produces lifetime fans/addicts, non-participating consumers, and bigger coliseums for the fat cat owners. Are such roller coaster mood swings normal or healthy, over something over which you have zero control? Of course, as with any addiction/illness, you can just “turn it all off,” but then what, when this compulsory system has left you so empty, except for “the night we tore the goal post down?”


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