Riverway Learning Community named as High-Quality Charter School by the Minnesota Department of Education


Riverway Learning Community is proud to have been named to the Minnesota Department of Education’s list of 2018 High-Quality Charter Schools, an honor only bestowed upon 40 out of more than 160 charter schools that operate across the state of Minnesota. You may view the full list at http://education.state.mn.us/MDE/dse/MDE034942.

By receiving this designation, Riverway Learning Community becomes eligible to compete for the coveted Federal Charter School Program (CSP) grant for expansion and/or replication. This grant is designed to increase the number of high-quality charter schools in the state; establish a charter school accountability framework to increase academic performance and decrease the achievement gap; improve the capacity of authorizers to effectively authorize, monitor, and hold charter schools accountable; and disseminate promising and innovative practices of high-quality charter schools to each LEA in the state. Despite this eligibility, Riverway will not seek said grant at this time, instead preferring to focus on continued development of its programs.

“It sure feels good for the school to receive this recognition,” said Riverway’s Primary Leader of Teaching and Learning Patrick Sheedy. He added, “Earlier this year our PreK4 program was recognized by the state with additional funding and now the entire school gets this recognition? Wow! But it doesn’t surprise me; the staff has worked so hard, they deserve this.”

Riverway, established in 2000, has a community-like atmosphere, which provides uniquely individualized education to over 100 students. Riverway offers learning opportunities in a supportive environment that enhances self worth, creativity, and responsibility. With Montessori classrooms for students age three through grade six, project-based education for seventh through 12th graders, and an inclusive special education program, all students learn in multi-aged settings through an integrated curriculum that connects learning to life. Environmental education is a central focus and meshes perfectly with the expectation of the school’s authorizer, the Audubon Center of the North Woods.


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