Can man’s best friend help solve America’s school violence?


From: Paul B. Double

The tragic event at the Parkland, Fla., school and the loss of 17 lives provided a catalyst for the intense discussion, everywhere, across the political, age and media powers since. However not once did I hear any discussion on the use of dogs, yes, dogs, as any part of the solution.

Trained dogs provide not only companionship, affection, loyalty, a listening ear to share troubled times for the very young, teenagers and old, service for assisting those with physical handicaps, drug enforcement partnerships, and yes directed protection and guided enforcement as necessary for civil order. They serve without opinion but can sense danger while extending friendship by simply wagging their tail or licking your hand or face. A dog once trained serves to please not for advancement goals or retirement but often simply treats.

As an owner of dogs and several breeds for the majority of my life I believe they may provide part of the solution without the current polarization of discussion that has resulted in no absolute solution to prevent such tragic events in the future. Creative evil will find a way to cause tragic events to disrupt civil order and normal sanity in the future. Dogs may be part of the solution or at least their service is worth inclusion in the discussion.

Dogs are not only man’s best friend but love the ladies as well.


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