The whiners, poor sports, bullies are behind spiteful decorum


From: Victoria Adler

You know, the elections have been over going on two years now. This time “our” candidate won!

When it was our turn to lick our wounds and wipe away our tears, we did it quietly and patiently as the terror passes. Puppets like Clinton and Obama would eventually leave and our vexed spirits would stop convulsing.

But to the endless flow of editorials from the whiners, poor sports, professional skanks, haters and plain old bullies as they spew their vomit is beyond spiteful decorum, it is just BULL.

Each time we are subjected to their brand of fair play we have to remember they are Democrats.

Good Christians of Winona you know the Bible tells us to pray for our enemies. When we do we heap coals upon their heads. Let’s unify and commit ourselves to pray for these Tom Dick and Harrys with the same zeal as our intolerant, small minded and hypocritical counterparts do, every time they squawk.

You go, dear Mr. President Trump. WE LOVE YOU! Shows of military might have been going on since Nimrod in Babylon … long before Mr. President Trump won the victory!

The tactics used by the liberal left don’t even hold up to scrutiny. Their extreme, pitiful, long arm reaches to take our victory and only serves to diminish the credibility of the Democrats … if they have any LEFT.


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