Pleased with planning


From: Robert Keiper
Fountain City

I read an article about Cochrane preparing for future work on its water system. I was pleased by some of the details which indicate foresight and planning.

For years the theme of local governments has been “do more with less and keep costs down.” However, what they failed to do was plan for the future. This year Fountain City is faced with the reality of operating and maintaining our newly upgraded waste water treatment plant. We are also faced with major water well issues since our only well will soon need to be replaced.

Our community and City Council will be challenged to make informed and wise decisions in the planning process, so we can be successful in our efforts to complete these vitally needed projects. However the work doesn’t stop there. Maintaining both water and waste water systems is a critical factory in every community. All too often we take for granted the personnel we hire to maintain our utilities. In today’s technical and regulated world, the personnel we hire must have the proper credentials, knowledge, and experience to operate and maintain the system to safe standards. We must hire competent people to do this. Our tax dollars as well as our safety is at stake.

Newsletters informing residents of the details about Fountain City’s planning will be available at a later date.


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