Dodge man arrested in Winona stabbing



A warrant was issued this week for the man accused of stabbing multiple people during a fight at Gabby’s Bar in Winona on February 10. After many interviews and statements from witnesses as well as a review of video footage from the scene, on Monday morning police arrested Achraf Mesrar, 22, of Dodge, Wis., on a charge of second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon. He was arrested at a home near the intersection of Seventh and Main streets in Winona.

Witness reports describe a dispute between multiple men who seemed to be acquaintances, that began inside the bar and moved outside, where Mesrar reportedly used a knife borrowed from a friend to stab two individuals, claiming that he was defending a friend from a beating.

Multiple witnesses reported that Mesrar had been beaten during a prior incident and had identified his assailant in the bar. According to the criminal complaint, Mesrar had wanted revenge, but was pushed out of the bar by a bouncer in an attempt to break up the fight. Three of the individuals involved were treated by medical personnel and two were transported to a local hospital for treatment of what appeared to be stab wounds. According to the criminal complaint, video shows Mesrar dropping objects next to a storage container where the weapon was located, near where he was found by police on the night of the incident.

After being arrested by Winona Police, Mesrar was detained by immigration officials, where he will face a hearing regarding his status in the country. If he is found to be legally residing in the country he will be returned to Winona County for prosecution.


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