Matter of Faith: If no Hell then ... (part 1)


From: Jamie Smith

At times I receive comments from others such as, “If all are saved then why preach the Gospel? If there is no Hell, then what are people saved from?”

It is a general reflection on Christian education today. Due to concentration on eternal conscious torment, sin or a general casualness concerning Scripture, few understand the true loss experienced by unbelievers.

First of all, I am not a Universalist. Everyone is not saved now. Only believers are currently justified. While all, even the worst of enemies, eventually are saved due to the grace of God made a surety through the work of Christ, that will take place over time — a very long time.
The message Paul was given by the risen Christ doesn’t only deal with endlessness, but mostly with the eons (ages). Most people know little concerning the eons and so are not much concerned with them. Let us look at what exactly unbelievers will lose or miss concerning these times.

Eons are temporary. They begin. They end. We are in the current evil eon. There is an eon impending. Then there will be a final eon. After that, little is disclosed. We know that we will have immortality and incorruptibility, but as to the quality of endless life, we have no promise. We depend on the character of Father for that.

Believers will live during the eons. What is a believer? A believer is one who believes that Jesus died, was buried and rose again according to the Scriptures. That is it. Nothing else need be present in a believer. There is no required behavior, membership or anything else. “Fundamentalists” who say salvation is only for those who are “born again” are unaware that such an event cannot happen today. I’ve finished a piece concerning being “born again.” Maybe I can put that in the Post soon.

While the elements of faith are simple and few, we should consider something important before going further. It concerns the death of Christ. I am not being frivolous or light in this question: Do you believe Christ died? Do you instead believe Christ transitioned into another life? Death is not life. I believe that to be a large problem in Christianity today.

The Supreme God cannot die. His years have no end. Christ died. To reconcile this, Christianity has manipulated people into believing that death is life so that today few believe that death is the end of consciousness, cessation of existence, extinction, oblivion. They instead believe death to be a passage or evolution into a different life — either in Hell burning or with God in bliss. Instead of death, Christ is said to have preached in Tartarus or He went to “paradise” — joined His Father in heaven.

According to the Scriptures, Christ was dead three days and three nights. I strongly encourage everyone to assess their faith. Ignorance is not a virtue. It is important, for the loss is great.
To be continued ...


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