2018 Winona County Fair open class non-livestock results


Farm crops
Cody Hager — Best of Show Champion, three stalks corn; three blue
Liz Wirt — Reserve Best of Show Champion, chopped hay; Reserve Champion, any other; 12 blue
Kristy Reps — Reserve Champion, tallest stalk; three blue

Peggy Pasche — Best of Show Champion, broccoli; Champion, beets; Reserve Champion, kohlrabi; 10 blue
Joan Hager — Reserve Best of Show Champion, string beans; Reserve Champion, tomatoes; Reserve Champion, onion; Reserve Champion, cabbage, 12 blue
Kristie Reps — Champion, peppers; Reserve Champion, tomato; eight blue
LeAnn Salwey — Champion, rhubarb; three blue
Kevin Ferden — Champion, cucumber; 18 blue
Shirley Bartsh — Champion, beets; Champion, string beans; Champion, potatoes; Reserve Champion, asparagus; 11 blue
Marie Spitzer — Champion, dill; Champion, peppers; Champion, Kohlrabi; 15 blue
Donna Wirt — Reserve Champion, cabbage; 3 blue
Rose Nelson — Champion, carrots; Champion, tomatoes; Champion, dill; Reserve Champion, lettuce; 15 blue
Tierzah Jacques — Three blue
Jie Schloegel — Three blue
Hannah Theobald — Three blue
Lily Jacques — Three blue
Nancy Diedrich — Six blue

Shirley Bartch — Best of Show Champion, fireside apples; Champion, Mount Royal; Champion, pears; six blue
Derek Duncanson — Reserve Best of Show Champion, five varieties of apples; one blue
Nancy Diedrich — Champion, other; Reserve Champion, blueberries; one blue
Marie Spitzer — Champion, Whitney; Reserve Champion, other; two blue
Emma Cage — Champion, pears; Champion, five varieties of apples; two blue
Cornelia Kryzer — Reserve Champion, Dolgo apples; one blue
Joann Groth — Reserve Champion, raspberries; one blue
Rose Nelson — Reserve Champion, other; two blue
Emma Cage — two blue
Dale Pierce — three blue
Liz Wirt — one blue

Plants and flowers
Betty Fahrenz — Best of Show Champion, yellow trumpet lily; Reserve Champion, first frost; 18 blue
Tracy Coulter — Reserve Best of Show Champion, foliage plant; two blue
Tanner Pulley — Champion, hen and chicks; one blue
Katelyn Lindsey — Champion, dish garden; one blue
Patricia Albrecht — Reserve Champion, fairy garden; four blue
Emily Halbakken — Reserve Champion, gladiolus; two blue
Audrey Lorch — Reserve Champion, annual flowerpot; three blue
Twyla Peterson — one blue
Melissa Wegman — one blue
Sara Mollert — one blue
Shirley Bartsh — nine blue
Leland Ferden — four blue
Cornelia Kryzer — one blue
Marilyn Getz — three blue
Julie Denzer — one blue
James Nesler — one blue
Madison Lorch — one blue
Carter Lorch — two blue
Emma Lindsey —one blue
Kristi Reps — two blue
Liz Wirt — three blue
Peggy Pasche — five blue
Karen Lorch — one blue
Joan Hager — three blue
Nancy Deedrich — one blue
Melissa Wegman — two blue
16-and-under State Horticulture Award — Katelyn Lindsey
Helen Hollister Memorial Award — Betty Fahrenz

Baked goods
Dale Pierce — Best of Show Champion, jellyroll; Champion, spritz; three blue
Sara Rasmussen — Reserve Best of Show Champion, prepared bar mix; one blue
Lisa Martinson — Champion, other mix in jar; Champion, butter cookie; Champion, cookie jar; Champion, other fudge; Reserve Champion, white fudge; Reserve Champion, cookies mix in a jar; 15 blue
Deb Rowekamp — Champion, foreign cookies; Champion, honey bread; Champion, herb bread; Champion, fruit bread; Champion, other muffins; Champion, chocolate nut bar; Reserve Champion, honey cookies; Reserve Champion, brownie; nine blue
Lee Ann Salwey —Champion, marble cake; Reserve Champion, chocolate cupcakes; three blue
Pam Larsen — Champion, sourdough bread; Reserve Champion, other bread; two blue
Marie Spitzer — Champion, cinnamon rolls; Champion, pie shell; 10 blue
Donna Wirt — Champion, other bars; Champion, wheat bread machine; Reserve Champion, apple pie; Reserve Champion, caramels; Reserve Champion, molasses cookie; 10 blue
Helen Pierce — Champion, banana bread; Champion, pecan pie; Reserve Champion, other cake; six blue
Marge Kingsley — Champion, fudge; one blue
Denise Van Etten — Champion, anniversary cake; three blue
Karen Lorch — Reserve Champion, fruit bread machine; Reserve Champion, prepared cake mix; Reserve Champion, coffee cake; six blue
Lila Brogan — Reserve Champion, brownies; Champion, gluten free cookies; three blue
Joan Hager — Reserve Champion, chocolate chip cookie; two blue
David Dicke — Reserve Champion, white bread; one blue
Jessica Heiden — one blue
Liz Wirt — four blue
Nancy Diedrich — one blue
Caryl Riska — two blue

Madeline Baer — Best of Show Champion, six-grain bread; Reserve Best of Show Champion, zucchini bread; Champion, scones; Reserve Champion, other bread; Reserve Champion, ginger cookie; four blue
Derek Duncanon — Champion, angel food cake; Champion, chocolate chip cookie; two blue
Katelyn Lindsey — Champion, layered bars; Champion, Hispanic bar; two blue
Madison Lorch — Champion, banana bread; one blue
Audrey Lorch — Champion, chocolate chip cookie; one blue
Carter Lorch — Champion, other bar; one blue
Kaylie Van Etten — Champion, honey baking; one blue
Ava Swenson — Reserve Champion, other cookie; one blue
Jesse Van Etten — one blue

King Arthur contest
First: Donna Wirt
Second: JoAnn Thesing
Third: Liz Wirt

First: Karen Lorch
Second: Lisa Martinson
Third: Joan Hager
Fourth: Liz Wirt

Farm Bureau
First: Helen Pierce
Second: Liz Wirt
Third: Marie Spitzer

Food preservation
Lisa Martinson — Best of Show Champion, bread and butter pickles; Reserve Champion, caramel apple; 24 blue
Marie Spitzter — Reserve Best of Show Champion, carrots; Reserve Champion, pears; four blue
Dale Pierce — three blue
Ruth Melbo Grandbois — three blue
JoAnn Thesing — one blue
Jean Chuchna — one blue
Shirley Bartsh — one blue
Theresa Speltz — three blue
Peggy Pasche — two blue
Jie Schloegel — one blue
Melissa Wegman — one blue
Rose Nelson — Grace Rodgers Memorial Award, one blue

wine and beer
Lynette Kerce – Best of Show Champion, raspberry cordial; one blue
Jeff Romine – Champion, cream ale, raspberry; three blue
Craig Moechnig – three blue

Peggy Pasche — Best of Show Champion, bag; Reserve Champion, pillow; eight blue
Cathy Olson —Reserve Best of Show Champion, afghan; five blue
Joan Rogers — Champion, wall hanging; two blue
Gene Michelson — Champion, Minnetonka cross stitch; one blue
Kathleen Hahn — Champion, teddy bear; one blue
Lisa Douglas — Reserve Champion, vest; six blue
Sidney Smith — Reserve Champion, scarf: two blue
Elizabeth Hengel — Reserve Champion, child’s clothing; five blue
Ilah Daood — one blue
Shirley Olson — one blue
Caryl Riska — one blue
Marge Kingsley — two blue
Dolores Stephan — one blue
Barbara Odogard – one blue
Julie Denzer – one blue
Mary Baker – two blue
Sarah Baker – one blue
Faye Geib – one blue

Constructed clothing
Barbara Odegaard — Best of Show Champion, blanket; two blue
Diane Shopteau — Reserve Best of Show Champion, adult PJs; Champion, doll clothes; Reserve Champion, adult garment; Reserve Champion, doll clothes; five blue
Peggy Pasche — Champion, infant garment; one blue
Cathy Olson — Champion, infant sleeper; two blue
Audrey Lorch — Champion, girl doll PJ’s; one blue
Cornelia Kryzer — Reserve Champion, infant sleeper; one blue

Quilts, coverlets, rugs
Donna Wirt — Best of Show Champion, table runner; one blue
Peggy Pasche — Reserve Best of Show Champion, table runner; Champion, mini quilts; Champion, scrap quilt; Reserve Champion, T-shirt quilt; eight blue
Polly Greden — Champion, machine quilted; Champion, other quilt; four blue
Shirley Olson — Champion, bed quilt; Reserve Champion, quilt; two blue
Donna Luehmann — Champion, lap quilt; Reserve Champion, lap quilt; five blue
Barbara Odegaard — Champion, table runner; Reserve Champion, lap quilt; five blue
Mari Fleming — Reserve Champion, table runner; Reserve Champion, mini quilts; two blue
Judith Halbakken — one blue
Helen Pierce — two blue
Cornelia Kryzer — three blue
Diane Shopteau — two blue
Twyla Peterson — one blue
Carolyn Lilly — two blue

Crafts and hobbies
Twyla Peterson — Best of Show Champion, basket; three blue
Joan Hager — Reserve Best of Show Champion, valentines; one blue
Diane Shopteau — Champion, doll clothes; one blue
Leland Ferden — Champion, doll collection; three blue
A. Dale Moger — Champion, music box; six blue
Rita Ward — Champion, Springtime Holiday; one blue
JoAnn Thesing — Champion, Trash to Treasure; one blue
Laura Watson — Reserve Champion, tissue holder; 34 blue
Ashley Drackky — Reserve Champion, duck hunters string art; Reserve Champion, string art; six blue
Kevin Ferden — Reserve Champion, spoons; two blue
Marie Spitzer — Reserve Champion, collection handkerchiefs; four blue
Gary Roddel — Reserve Champion, memory box; one blue
JoAnn Groth — Reserve Champion, stocking; one blue
Julie Denzer — Reserve Champion, Trash to Treasure; five blue
Peggy Pasche — four blue
Polly Greden — one blue
John Carlson — one blue
Patricia Albrecht — one blue
Pam Beirne — one blue
LeAnn Salwey — one blue
Sonja Romine — one blue
Cornelia Kryzer — one blue
Bill Ward —two blue
Lucille Luehman — one blue
Helen Pierce — five blue
Rita Hansen — one blue
Alice Topness — four blue
Elizabeth Hengel — two blue
Judith Halbakken — nine blue
Pam Larson — two blue

Lily Jacques — Best of Show Champion, vending machine; eight blue
Carter Lorch — Reserve Best of Show Reserve Champion, lego; one blue
Nicole Geib — Champion, memory book; one blue
Sarah Baker — Reserve Champion, Bible game; four blue
Mary Baker — three blue
Anna Baker — three blue
Joel Baker — one blue
Emma Cage — one blue
Emily Halbakken — one blue
Tanner Mundt — two blue
Olivia Van Etten — one blue
Kaylee Van Etten — two blue
Tanner Pulley — three blue
Kelsey Kronebusch — one blue
Ava Swenson — one blue

Conway Elton — Best of Show Champion, carved figure; four blue
Kyle Mollert — Reserve Best of Show Champion, work bench; two blue
Emma Heiden — Champion, hat rack; Reserve Champion, cutting board; two blue
Twyla Peterson — Reserve Champion, caned chair; three blue
Dale Moger — Reserve Champion; two blue
Jordan Beirne — one blue
Sara Mollert — one blue
John Carlson — one blue
Leland Ferden — four blue
Gilman Halbakken — one blue
JoAnn Thesing — two blue

Fine arts
Barb Halvorson — Best of Show Champion, “Leopard;” five blue
Tierzah Jacques — Reserve Best of Show Champion, “The Sailing Ship;” one blue
Persephone Neubert — Champion; one blue
Katelyn Lindsey — Champion; one blue
Megan Pierce — Champion; one blue
Danielle Smith — Reserve Champion; two blue
Emma Aldinger — Reserve Champion; one blue
Laremy Ellsworth — three blue
Tanner Pulley — one blue
Kaylee Van Etten — one blue
Teia Hulshizer — one blue
Tanner Mundt — one blue
Vivienne Jacques — one blue
Patricia Albrecht — one blue
Rickie Tillotson — two blue

Bayleigh Wizenburg — Best of Show Champion, “Bison;” one blue
Crystal Merchlewitz — Reserve Best of Show Champion, “Lost Girl;” Reserve Champion, “Dew Droplets;” two blue
John Kenkel — Champion, “Badlands National Park;” two blue
Blasius Neubert — Champion, “Rainbow Buffalo Bill Dam;” one blue
Abigail Thiele — Champion, “A Little Bit of Pixie Dust;” two blue
Pam Larson — Reserve Champion, “Pitcher;” two blue
Craig Moechnig — Reserve Champion, “Lake City Marina;” one blue
Jacob Meyer — Reserve Champion, “Fremont Front;” one blue
Emma Aldinger — Reserve Champion, “Shine;” two blue
Cornelia Kryzer — one blue
Trianna Douglas — three blue
Tasha Maki — two blue
Rickie Tillotson — one blue
Anna Bergan — four blue
Emma Lindsey _ two blue
Katelyn Lindsey — two blue
Lily Jacques — one blue
Taylynn Brower — one blue

Farm crops — Liz Wirt
Vegetables — Kevin Ferden
Horticulture — Shirley Bartsh
Plants and flowers — Betty Fahrenz
Baked goods —Lisa Martinson
Food preservation — Lisa Martinson
Wine and beer — Jeff Romine
Needlecraft — Cathy Olson
Quilts, coverlets, rugs — Peg gy Pasche
Constructed clothing — Diane Shopteau
Crafts and hobbies — Laura Watson
Woodworking — Leland Ferden
Fine arts — Laremy Ellsworth
Photography — Anna Bergan


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