A Matter of Faith: Palm Sunday and God’s will


From: Mary Zimmerman

Surely it is God’s will that we attended Mass on Palm Sunday, but that wasn’t really what I had in mind when thinking of this title. Sometimes, we don’t instantly know what God is asking of us, and sometimes we do know, but don’t really want to act on it. I’m thinking of how after I spent two months in the hospital, then moved to Senior Living and joined Jim, I not only didn’t want to be here, I was convinced I could tolerate it for no more than two weeks. Now, a year and a half later, I’ve come to realize and understand that maybe this is God’s will for us. A time for Jim and myself to reconnect after all these years while he was on the road trucking. Now we eat together, pray together, laugh together, and sometimes even argue with one another — after all we’re only human and don’t have our wings yet. I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future, and that gives me comfort. I’m no spring chicken either, but then again, I’m well aware some people here have passed the 100 mark with flying colors. Oh God, I put my life in your hands.

The Mass today was very inspirational. We say “Remember me when you come into your kingdom.” Yes Jesus remembers all of his children and invites each one of us into the joys of Heaven. I’m currently reading the book “The Other Side” by Michael Brown. I hope to give you a report on it soon. It’s about people who have witnessed Heaven and returned to tell us about it. Then we sang “My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?” Actually, it’s us who sometimes abandon God.

Father Jim asked for encouragement as he meets with Bishop Quinn to pledge to continue being our shepherd (priest). I say, “Go Father Jim, go! You can do it!” Keep up your energy to lead us into the pasture of Heaven. I promise to give you cereal candy now and then to keep you energized, but most especially we will keep you in our prayers. We thank Bishop Quinn as well. I think he’s doing his job so well — teaching, traveling, and even taking time to visit folks like us. He certainly has his ticket to Heaven and is fantastically helping others to get theirs. Once, when he was traveling, he even took the time to hear some confessions on an airplane, as were requested of him.

If the world would only quiet down long enough to hear God calling your name. He wants to enlighten you to know His will, but with the constant noise of the world — the televisions, smart phones, etc. — sometimes we’re not becoming aware to all the help and graces He wishes to give us. God is happy when you attend Mass or your services; He passes that happiness down to us. God is thinking and planning for us all the time. In return, He also likes our attention. If we are seeking God’s divine will, rest assured, He will let you know what it is and give you the grace to attend church on Palm Sunday, and every Sunday.


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