Human Rights Commission statement on family separation


From: Jacob Grippen, chair
On behalf of the Winona Human Rights Commission

If your ancestors didn’t come here to this continent from somewhere else, you are descended from the original inhabitants of this land. This country was built by natives, by immigrants, and by slaves.

The majority of us living in Winona are either immigrants or refugees, or descendants of immigrants and refugees. Those of us who are not are the people with which this city of Winona has a covenant of friendship.

Family separation is another stain on the moral fabric of our country, but we must also acknowledge that this is not a new occurrence.Previous generations of this country decimated Native American populations (including separating children from their families), bought and sold slaves (including breaking up families), and interned Japanese Americans.

This is not a partisan issue; this is a moral, human rights issue. We must continue to pressure our politicians to reform our immigration system.We must reunite these children with their families, and treat all of them with kindness as human beings.


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