Watch out, Donald


From: Dick Smith

I have found it difficult to find a subject to criticize concerning Donald Trump because every time I settle on one, he tops it with something even more stupid. Almost every day, your president comes up with something that sends the country deeper into the swamp. Now he has sunk to even new depths with his very belated, and under pressured response to the passing of John McCain. This Putin butt kissing, draft-dodging and self-proclaimed flag-loving phony has the audacity to literally ignore and thumb his nose at the proper protocol for respect of this actual American hero and patriot. While McCain and many of my friends were risking their lives in Viet Nam, Trump was counting his daddy’s money, partying and nursing his infamous bone spurs. John McCain was everything that a real American should be, and Trump is not even close to, or ever will be. I hope that all you remaining hardcore Trump supporters are truly proud of your own “hero.” He is becoming more and more of an embarrassment to this country every day. Hopefully those days are numbered and he will assume his rightful place on top of the list of the “worst presidents” ever. Watch out Donald, impeachment is coming! Good riddance!


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