Matter of Faith: How do you pray?


From: Mary Zimmerman

You may be thinking, “Finally! She has a title!” (Last time it was just “This and that.”) But I do have to say I borrowed this one from Father Jason Kern (Courier). I hope he doesn’t mind!

So, how DO you pray? I myself try to pray the rosary everyday, offering it up for our dear family. Just as we talk to our friends, prayer is thinking and talking to God, who is hopefully your friend as well. God was always my friend, but I especially connected with Him after our son, Duane, was killed. I leaned heavily on the mercy of God. I never blamed him for my son’s death, for we were told early on by a priest God doesn’t will accidents.

Eventually God inspired me to write books, where I spilled my grief into the hearts of those who read my pages, those who had also lost loved ones. It was then that I began to heal and begin talking (praying) more to my friend Jesus. Duane may be out of sight, but he is never out of mind. He will always be part of our family and I’m quite sure he is fondly and prayerfully remembering his family and friends.

While we’re on the subject of death, I just want to say to the Moe family that I feel your pain. Our son was 16 also, and you are in our thoughts and prayers. Death is never easy to deal with but is the passage to our eternal home with God. Have hope that we will again meet up with our loved ones.

It’s not so much how we pray as that we do pray. As a Catholic, the Divine Mercy Chapel is very dear to me, as is Saint Faustina, the medium responsible for the grace-filled Divine Mercy Devotion.

Now, back to “How do you pray?” by Father Kern — I’d just like to add a few of my after thoughts following his words. Father spoke of silent prayer, or mental prayer — sitting quietly in the presence of God and letting Him do the talking. He will bring to mind His will for you, now and in the future. This prayer can be a time for great healing from our sorrows and burdens in this life. I find myself at times trying to figure out the future and feeding my regrets from the past. It’s a comfort to hand it all over to God knowing He hears and answers our prayers. No situation is beyond his power to heal. Father Kern ends his article with these words, “If we don’t teach our young people to pray, they won’t experience the truth of who they are as beloved sons and daughters of our loving Father in Heaven.”

Don’t let Satan convince you that you don’t have time to pray. Don’t put a smirk on his face, put a smile on God’s.

My Rosary Beads
A little pair of Rosary Beads,
As plain as plain can be,
But only God in Heaven knows
How dear they are to me.

I have them always with me
At every step I take,
At evening when I slumber
At morn when I awake.
In bright and cloudy weather,
In sunshine or in rain,
In happiness or sorrow
In pleasure or in pain.

It helps me in my struggle,
It reproves me when in sin,
It looks of gentle patience
Rebukes the strife within.

In days of pain and anguish,
The greatest help I knew
Was to hold my Rosary Beads
Until I calmer grew.

So when the time approaches
When I will have to die,
I hope my little Rosary Beads
Will close beside me lie.

That the holy name of Jesus
May be the last I say,
And kissing my sweet Rosary Beads,
My soul may pass away.

- author unknown


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