Matter of Faith: Maybe I should


From: Mary Zimmerman

This may be a strange title to you, but just stay with me, I’ve never had a title without words to go with it (even if I did have to search at the bottom of the barrel).

Today is Sunday, God’s special day to be remembered through Mass or other services, a day to put work aside if we can, and get to know and honor God in a special way. I hope you agree, but if you haven’t been to Sunday mass in awhile, start to think, “Maybe I should.”

Prayer is our path to Heaven. It’s talking to God every day. You think you’re too busy? Well my friend, think again! There’s always time for prayer. Next time you sit down, think to yourself, “Maybe I should pray/talk with God for a minute, now.”

We could spend a lifetime trying to figure out if we should do this, decide when to do that … Invite the Holy Spirit into your life! Then you can rest assured you will be guided to the right track leading to your eternal home in Heaven. Of one thing you can be certain, you will never find anyone more trustworthy than God Himself. He is the way, the truth, the light. Some things are hard to fully comprehend — take and eat, this is my body … take and drink, this is my blood … I am your God, three persons in one — but we must try and understand, while always having faith. At some point you need to stop thinking only, “Maybe I should believe,” but instead, “I DO believe. I DO trust in God.”

When we repent our sins, we must know He is listening and trust in His forgiveness. Let Him wipe your soul clean. Because confession will be of no help if you don’t TRULY accept Him.

God passed the grace of confession onto priests: “Whos sins you forgive are forgiven.” You must 100-percent believe you can be forgiven, then, let your joyful heart sing “Amazing Grace” and “How Great Thou Art.”

This joyful mood will not always be there after confession; unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. We never intentionally invite suffering into our lives, but it comes none-the-less. We can ask God to take our suffering away, but if He chooses not to, there is a reason. We may offer it up as redemption or in place of the suffering of our loved ones.

Well, what do you think? Are you ready to get on the right track and commit yourself to start thinking, “Maybe I should.” Take the first step toward Jesus.


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