Fundraiser for Nicaragua set for October 12


A musical concert to benefit the Nicaragua Relief Fund will be held at the Acoustic Café (77 Lafayette Street, Winona) on Friday, October 12, from 6-10 p.m. The concert will feature local artists including John Kennedy and his band, Amanda Grace and Dora Pelley.

Throughout Nicaragua, armed and violent uniformed police and civilians in plain clothes acting as police (para-police) are targeting anyone considered to be in opposition to the rule of President Ortega. The government and its affiliated armed groups have been reported to:
• Detain protestors, with credible claims of torture and disappearances.
• Systematically target opposition figures, including clergy members.
• Prevent certain individuals from departing Nicaragua by air or land.
• Seize privately owned land.
• Arbitrarily search personal phones and computers for anti-government content.
• Arrest certain individuals with unfounded charges of terrorism, money laundering, and organized crime.

Rallies and demonstrations occur daily around the country and government forces have been attacking peaceful demonstrators, leading to significant numbers of deaths and injuries. Looting, vandalism, and arson are widespread, and violent crime such as sexual assault and armed robbery is common.

Government hospitals are understaffed and may deny treatment to suspected protestors, or anyone not in favor of the current government. Ambulances have reportedly refused to respond or have been denied access to areas with individuals needing emergency care.
Since April 2018, over 500 citizens have died, approximately 2,000 have been injured, and hundreds are still missing.

Please join at the Acoustic on Friday, October 12, to help support the people of Nicaragua in their time of need.


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