Letters: Bash, bash, bash and brag, brag, brag


From: Marianne Olson
Minnesota City

I am so tired of Trump’s press conferences. He always sings the same tune, bashing the Democrats and bragging about his many accomplishments. He was especially obnoxious in his comments the day after the general election last November.

I have been voting in presidential elections for years and although my party has not always prevailed, I have always respected the office of the presidency, until now. When I heard his inaugural address, I knew our country would not fare well under his leadership. Recently, I watched the funeral coverage of former President G.H. W. Bush. His military service to our country at such a young age, his humility, his kindness and the respect he got from world leaders will long be remembered, but most important of all was the dignity that he brought to the office of the presidency.

We are sorely lacking all of these values with the current administration. My husband’s nickname for Trump is Double D (Dictator Don). Time and again he just acts on his own with no input from his administrative staff and no support from Congress. He said recently that he alone could put an end to the Mueller investigation, and he says that he will be reelected for a second term. More bragging! I, for one, am really looking forward to 2020.


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