Matter of Faith: Making fiddle-faddle of Scripture


From: David Foss

It is very disturbing to read such off base, out-of-this-world rhetoric in A Matter of Faith from time to time. Obviously, such unholy and undecipherable words are not coming form the Holy Spirit of God because such infernal words are an offensive odor to a Holy God. Such pretentiously diabolical gibberish stands out like a sore thumb. These unholy words couldn’t fool children, if they had the least bit of Biblical knowledge. It’s almost as if the writer is saying, “I don’t give a whit about what the Bible says! I’ll interpret the Bible so that it will go along with what I think and so that it will agree with my agenda and purpose.” Such a person may quote a Bible verse or two, but these letters mostly contain undecipherable, distorted babbling. They purposely twist Scripture, saying other than what Scripture really means — they go in every direction except the right one.

What would we think of a person who made light of a doctor’s procedural handbook on surgery, changing it so it would agree with his or her own attitude? Would it be wise to rely on this person’s procedures rather than the doctor’s? Could you imagine someone saying, “It doesn’t make a difference! We can choose anyone’s handbook on surgery! The end result will always be to our benefit!” In case you needed telling, no, it would NOT be wise to accept a non-professional’s take on surgery.

How many of us have accepted something that was wrong because we were uninformed? What we read and hear might appear truthful or sound good, but many times it is not. It is of the devil. Before we accept anything as truth, we should do our own research to make certain it is not something that would meet God’s disproval. We should never assume that everything people write or say to us is true and good.

Sometimes we read so-called “Christian” articles in newspapers that smell so strongly of worldly and satanic garbage that one could almost gag. Such writers could not be children of God, because a saved person would be extremely fearful of writing and promoting a letter so far removed from Scriptural fact. They write heretical babble as though they have no fear of making a mockery of Scripture. The words they choose to convey their fiendish objective clearly shows their contempt of Scripture. If they understood God’s Word, they would shudder at the thought of scoffing at it!

When we attempt to inform others of God and Scripture, we have the obligation to be certain we are correct in what we are conveying. We should never twist Scripture in the hope of drawing people into our camp of deception and eternal doom; after all, all of us will have to answer to God for everything we have said or done.

So when you’re reading the letters in the Matter of Faith section, always check these words and compare them with Scripture to verify their truth. Ask yourself, is the writer following and agreeing with God and His Word, or is the writer writing what is best for man, regardless of God’s intent?

Ponder Deuteronomy 4:2, 12:32; Matthew 18:6; Revelation 22:18-19; and Acts 13:10.


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