Behavior at town hall was disappointing


From: Don Evanson
Minnesota City

On Tuesday evening I had opportunity to attend the town hall meeting hosted at Minnesota State College Southeast in Winona by our duly elected Congressman Jim Hagedorn.

In conversation afterward with a small group, a well-known and respected citizen of Winona County, who works in Winona, said that he was never so embarrassed for Winona until this evening. He has that fully correct.

The attendees of the meeting, many dressed in read tees that tied them to the ignominious “Squad” of the face of the national Democrats, were a mob of rude, callous Socialists of the purported party of progressive tolerance — hypocrites with no tolerance whatsoever for differing opinion — truly the face of the unhinged Democrats of the present-day party.

On the one hand, a questioner was critical of the vote of Congress to raise the federal debt ceiling; Congressman Hagedorn hadn’t voted against doing so, and wondered why so many of his Democrat House colleagues had. Yet, throughout the 90 minutes of the meeting, they shouted for increased spending proposals including for trillions for single-payer health care and trillions for the Green New Deal promoted by the “Squad” that we truly cannot afford.

This town hall followed one in Rochester, Minn., where there was also disruption by such social justice warriors, but the congressman’s staff said that this one was far worse, apparently after stepped-up efforts to organize to get disrupters to turn out.

If anyone has video of the town hall, please share it.

The only thing that was missing was the violence of their ANTIFA fascist counterparts.

Congressman Hagedorn calmly and impressively stood by the promises that he had campaigned upon and has since voted for accordingly, yet graciously treated the disrupters. Such good behavior can always be expected of conservatives. Conservatives didn’t act as such mobsters through the Obama reign of deception and racism.

We need to be sure to hold the line of reason and rational discussion and get Congressman Hagedorn re-elected next year.


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