The Green Grocer: Your answers are cause for celebration!



I was delighted to receive answers to last week’s questions from several of you. One reader told me about her favorite kale salad, which she makes every single week in the summer (a woman after my own heart!). Another told me about the most memorable sandwich he’d ever eaten — it included a full pound of bacon! Yikes! And yet another shared with me some of her happiest memories about cooking and eating. It was so fun and heart-warming to hear your stories about food and cooking. That food continues to unite us all is such a cause of hope and celebration.

So let’s celebrate this Saturday! We’re throwing a DIY party — twice! (The first one is from 10-11 a.m., and the second is from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) We’ll make sugar and salt scrubs that you’ll get to take home, plus we’ll serve our delicious coffee and give out free samples from our body care department. Grab a friend and head over for a fun date. It’s free if either of you is a co-op owner, otherwise it’s $5 per person.

We’re also running my favorite sale ever: Buy a peanut butter, get a jam free! Doesn’t that just make you think of a peanut butter and a jam holding hands and walking off into the sunset? I know, I know — they’re not always together. But their independent activities are just as lovely:

Where to Find Peanut Butter When Not with Jam

• Spread on pancakes and waffles
• Stirred into oatmeal
• Made into a salad dressing, a noodle sauce, or a stir fry sauce
• Blended into smoothies
• Used as cement in cracker towers
• Formed into energy bars
• Given to last-of-the-season s’mores for a proper send off

Where to Find When Jam is Not with Peanut Butter

• Stirred into plain yogurt or oatmeal
• Spread on pancakes and waffles
• Wrapped inside crepes
• Baked with brie
• Stuffed into chicken or pork tenderloin
• Glazed over tofu
• Sweetening up a homemade barbecue sauce


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