No eyesore on Latsch Island, please


From: Richie Swanson

Latsch Island resident


The pool six dredge-sand plan would store tons of ugly dredge sand right across the Mississippi from downtown, where public and private investors have spent millions, sprucing up the riverfront. The plan suggests expanding the current dredge-storage site on Latsch Island’s from roughly one acre to 10. The expansion undercuts the quality-of-life goal in the city’s comprehensive plan: to utilize the city’s “geography, heritage and natural resources to enhance its desirability.” It undercuts Levee Park’s design, which maximizes views of river, by adding an eyesore. It foils the river’s grandeur as seen from the new bridge, piling its eyesore right beneath outlooks.

The plan’s cost analysis doesn’t include the eyesore’s impact on riverfront properties or tourism, nor the costs associated with the nine-foot channel mandated by Congress. The river has lost her natural flow, no longer forms islands. So, the corps spends millions, building them for habitat. Meanwhile the expansion would destroy island habitat, floodplain forest.

The expansion would likely exceed Wisconsin’s standard for the probability of raising “water surface elevations” — a telltale flaw. Climate change promises more rain and larger floods, which will erode and deposit more sand, demanding more dredging. The expansion perpetuates the problem, it doesn’t solve it.


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