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by E. Allen Beguin, MD, Winona Health Family Practice


With doing what you can to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and dealing with the way these changes are affecting you, you may be searching for a sense of normalcy, or for a silver lining in all of this. That sense of normalcy, or that silver lining, can be found in taking care of your health.

All of us still need to do everything we can to prevent the spread of COVID-19, but we cannot let that jeopardize other aspects of health. Putting aside your health care needs could lead to unnecessary complications or a negative outcome. So, it’s still important to schedule your regular checkups, immunizations, lab tests and screenings, and take advantage of weight management, nutrition and diabetes education. And, of course, if you experience symptoms that may require emergency care, you certainly should call 911 or get to the emergency department.

If you’re wondering if it’s safe to come to Winona Health, the answer is yes. We have infection control procedures in place throughout our facility to keep you and our entire staff safe. We’ve implemented an enhanced, continuous sanitizing process; we have furniture arranged for appropriate physical distancing; screening procedures in place, including taking temperatures throughout our facility. To help maintain physical distancing, extra people are not allowed to accompany patients, with exceptions being a parent with their child and others who must have someone with them for assistance. Everyone coming in also must wear a cloth mask (if you don’t have one, thanks to generous gifts from mask makers, we can give you one).

Our telemedicine video visits are also available for many types of appointments. Telemedicine visits are appropriate for monitoring chronic conditions, educational appointments and getting answers to your questions. We’re now even offering Virtual Urgent Care visits. You can find details on the Winona Health website.

Things may not be quite the same as they were before, but please don’t let that be a reason to neglect your health. Often, if you do nothing, your health declines. In moving forward, I encourage you to control the things you can control. That means seeking the care you need and doing what you can to keep your body and mind healthy so you feel your best – in doing so, you may just find your silver lining.

Something that hasn’t changed: Winona Health’s team of staff and providers are here to help. Feel free to call us with questions or to schedule an appointment at 507-454-3650.


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