A Matter of Faith: Have we lost God’s protection??


From: Ann Wels



Being forced to stay home has given me time to do some “soul searching.” Have we lost God’s favors and protection? We have chosen to become a society/culture that has pretty much dismissed God our Creator. Took Him out of (Christ)mas and Easter. One of God’s most important commandments is “thou shall not kill.” That especially refers to the human being. The human being is the only creation that God created in His image and likeness. He says “I have made you in my image and likeness.” Besides our body shape (to be like God’s), we are the only creation that has a “soul.” And because we have a soul, we also have a conscience. We do know the difference between right and wrong. We have chosen to do a grave wrong. In spite of the fact that we have made it okay to kill our own young, made in our image and God’s, it is a horrible choice and a choice that is forbidden by God our creator!!!

In too many cases the choice we choose might create a new human life. Surprise! We now not only kill our own pre-born baby, but the Planned Parenthood type talk mother’s into keeping baby until eight or nine months, then abort them alive in order to cut their arms, legs, nose, eyes, ears, and brain cells to sell and make money. The female is only fertile three days a month or 36 days in a whole year. So using rape as an excuse hardly fills the bill. Too many times our choices are not good ones. Why is it okay to kill the one most innocent in the whole affair? The new human life didn’t ask to be created. The baby is an innocent result of our misguided decisions. Come on. We all know where a human life comes from. How about owning up to our mistakes and quit punishing the only one who is truly innocent.

God is showing his disfavor of our selfish, immoral, and unhealthy decisions and actions. If we are old enough to be sexually active, we should be responsible enough to see we don’t become “with child” that we then dispose of as trash/garbage. God will get his revenge and will then be out of our control. May God forgive us for dismissing him.


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