Standing in solidarity


From: Sam Streukens


The murder of George Floyd sparked needed calls for justice and an end to systemic racism from Winona to Sweden. Charging the officers is only a first step to reversing the ingrained violence that’s directed toward Black and brown people in this country. We need to understand the Black Lives Matter movement, reach out to our neighbors, and empower them to achieve equality and justice for all.   

One of the best ways to use our voice is to elect officials that advocate for change. In Minnesota’s First Congressional District, I am supporting Dan Feehan to be the Representative. Since returning to the district after serving as an Army ranger, a teacher in high needs communities, and an active assistant secretary of defense, Dan’s unceasing message is to put the people of Southern Minnesotan first. While we all need to stand in solidarity with Black and brown people deprived of life and dignity now and in the future, we can be sure that Dan Feehan will be right there with us.


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