Flames of Justice


by Jenny Kuderer



The fires of rage burn, conflagration

Engulfing blocks in an inferno of pain.

The seeds of injustice need to be dug up,

Cast aside, replaced with new seedlings.

Columbus is knocked from his pedestal,

Thrown into the water to be carried away.

Churchill’s statue vandalized, words that

Accuse of racist animus, of nearly unforgivable

Flaws that ought not be held up in esteem.

“Pigs” emblazoned on a line of police cruisers,

Smashed windshields, molotov cocktails,

Toxic smoke from the burn of metal and

Plastic and gasoline, dividing the protesters

From police, creating fumes that burn the

Throat, choke the breath.  All the while

Utterances of “I can’t breathe” haunt these

Seas of demands for justice mixed with

The intent to destroy.  For the man whose

Life was snuffed out, let peace find a place

To stay, spray paint put down, billy club laid

On the ground, truths spoken with hearts open,

Rancor replaced by fearless speech, trying to

Understand the views that each side represents,

Taking moral leadership cues from within, not

Waiting for a figure like the President to emerge

To help make this Union whole, as hatred and

Violence we stow and compassionate eyes we

Wipe dry, arms linked with both sides, we are

Determined to rise up, build trust via just deeds.

Equality for all as our North Star, as beings of

Love and integrity endeavor to live, and peacefully,

No knee pressed against any warm, fleshy neck.

In the march of time, we let go of sweet, animating breath;

With grace unspoken, humbly, softly, as mortals do,

We die with the flames of justice burning in the soul.

Our hearts, our Union, more than an iota closer to whole.


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