Matter of Faith: Remember Duane, and stop to smell the roses


From: Mary Zimmerman


Today is July 6. It was that day in 1976 that God called Duane home. That was the greatest sadness we as a family ever had.

I just now found the article in a notebook, “Stop and smell the roses.” I’m not sure if I have already submitted it or not, so will do so now. 

Duane stopped to smell the roses when he made religious jewelry, when he rode his bicycle to town to purchase a gift for an 80-year-old neighbor lady, when he signed a letter to a friend: “Remember my smile is part of God.”

I stopped to smell the roses when I made 100 pies in a year for charity, when I wrote books talking about Duane in hopes of helping others and myself. I wrote many articles in the Post, available by typing “” and searching my name. 

I was walking home one day from the store with two bags of groceries (Matt, our grandson, insisted I get exercise). My short walks began to wear me down, and then I saw the sign “Stop and smell the roses” with four chairs, and it was too much to resist, so we rested awhile before we finished the journey home.

As we continue our journey, allow God into your heart. He will inspire you to stop and smell the roses!

Right now I am suffering from depression. If you would like to send me a note of appreciation, it would mean a lot: Mary Zimmerman, 765 Menards Road, Apartment 3, Winona, Minn., 55987.


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