The kind of leadership we deserve in Minnesota


From: Mike Gjere


As a retired teacher, I am happy to hear that Sarah Kruger, running for Senate seat 28, has been endorsed by Education Minnesota. Jeremy Miller, our incumbent senator, has failed us in Saint Paul.

Sarah faces a hard race. Miller has a lot of money, and he is well-known. What he doesn’t have is a record of wrestling with hard issues. I don’t mean to belittle his leadership on Sunday liquor sales, disaster relief, or rule changes on emergency medical devices, but they were popular positions, not brave ones.

I expected more leadership on the COVID-19 relief bill. I expected more leadership to provide help to local governments in the pandemic. I know that the capital investment bill didn’t pass, but why didn’t Senator Miller work across the aisle to find more Democrat votes for it? Talk is cheap. I had hopes for braver stands from Miller.

What gets me is that Senator Miller talks about getting things done but always votes the party line. It does not impress me that he goes to Washington, D.C., fawning for photo-ops with Trump and other conservatives.

We need Sarah Kruger because she will provide the kind of leadership we deserve in Minnesota.


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