Busted valve prompts Lake Village boil-water precaution




Last night, the city of Goodview issued a boil-water order for the Lake Village mobile home park, advising citizens to boil their tap water before drinking it or cooking with it. Today, Goodview officials explained the boil-water advisory was an extra precaution following an emergency fix to the Lake Village water distribution system. The system should be repaired soon, possibly today, and the advisory lifted shortly thereafter, they stated.

Yesterday, city crews were conducting a routine test of a valve that controls water flow in Lake Village, Goodview Public Works Director Dave Schultz said. “We just work [the valves] up and down to make sure they close, and one of the valves actually broke closed, unfortunately, which isolated part of Lake Village without water,” he explained. While utility workers rushed to fix the valve, the city used a hose to re-route water around the broken valve and get water service to the cutoff section of Lake Village.

The boil-water order was issued just as a precaution in case there was any bacteria in the hose, Schultz explained. “Our water is chlorinated to kill bacteria anyway, so the water going through that hose was treated water, safe drinking water, but just out of caution, we thought we should do that,” he said.

“Even though we felt the water was fine, just as Dave said, we did it just as a precaution,” Goodview City Administrator Dan Matejka echoed.

If there were any harmful bacteria in the hose, boiling would kill them. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends boiling water at a rolling boil for one full minute.

As for fixing the valve, Schultz said, “They are working on it as we speak. If things go well, we are hoping the vale will be repaired today and things will get back to normal after the water sample.” The city will conduct water quality sampling after the repair as another precaution.

For many, the news of the boil-water advisory came over an emergency text alert distributed by Winona County Emergency Management via the same system used for Amber Alerts. To receive emergency texts, cell phone users must be in the targeted geographic area and have emergency notifications turned on on their phones. For iPhones, use these instructions to turn on alerts: support.apple.com/en-us/HT202743. Instructions vary for Android phone. Try searching online for instructions for your specific model of phone. Citizens can also sign up for Winona County’s Smart 911 system — which includes emergency notifications and options for citizens to confidentially advise first responders of special medical conditions — at smart911.com.



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