No-cost employer publications available


No-Cost Employer Publications Available

The following publications for employers are available through the Winona WorkForce Center at no additional cost. Call 507-453-2920 for further information

Assistive Technology Manual

Identifies technology services and systems that help accommodate physical, perceptual, and cognitive abilities, along with diverse communication and cultural needs.

Employers' Internet Recruiting Guide

Helps employers use the Internet in the process of employee recruitment. It introduces employers to the Minnesota's Job Bank and other Internet sites which offer opportunities to search for employees.

Salary Survey

Minnesota's largest and most comprehensive salary survey with the latest information on occupational wages and employment.

An Employer's Guide to Employee Handbooks in Minnesota

Booklet that provides useful information often needed by employers for the development of employee handbooks. Illustrative examples of employee policies are given for important employment issues such as E.E.O., Sexual Harassment, Offensive Behavior, Use of Computer Resources, Weapons Prohibition and others.

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