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From: Joseph Maxey


I recently subscribed to The Nation magazine, and believe that it digs deep for its objective research and observations. I wanted to congratulate you on being cited by Liza Featherstone in her article titled "Down and Out in Discount America." I truly believe that it is Wal-Mart's ultimate goal to drown out local mom and pop stores, which Winona represents. Furthermore, I agree that they aim their sales at low-income consumers. And probably single-parent mothers along with handicapped people. I just received a book for the holiday titled "How Wal-Mart is Destroying America (and the World): And What You Can Do About It" by Bill Quinn. Bill states that the international corporate giant will not stop until they get it all. That is the truth. People need to realize the difference between their short-term gain and poor decision of consumerism. I encourage you to continue to follow this issue, even though, Winonans have direct access to a Wal-Mart. There are plenty of places to shop in town that have a substantial supply of goods at our fingertips for reasonable prices.

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