Immigration will be our downfall if we don’t change


From: Col. Stan Gudmundson,
USAF (Ret)
Peterson, Minn.

Noted classics scholar Victor Davis Hanson was recently asked if “there [was] a historical parallel” with “wave after wave” of immigrants invading Europe. He believes there is.


He said, “During the ([first] collapse of Western civilization … in the fifth century A.D. ... The Roman Empire either could not or would not define their borders.” “People … from northern Europe … came because they wanted things like aqueducts and monumental architecture and science but … didn’t want to change their own culture.” The “Vandals … Visigoths” and others brought “their native habits … and … implanted them because [Rome] didn’t know how to define their own country, or they didn’t think it was worth defending.”

We have not come to grips with reality. Both Europe and the United States are now being invaded. It is a creeping invasion whose long-term impact is every bit as threatening as a foreign army overrunning us.

Europe continues to bring in Muslims who will not assimilate. Consequently, they are signing a death warrant for European civilization. And so are we with an immigrant population far, far too large to assimilate.

Unless Europeans stop bringing in Muslims and unless they insist that Muslims already in Europe assimilate, Europe’s fall will be inevitable. It will be violent and bloody. Eventually there will be millions of additional refugees fleeing a continent taken over by the laws of Sharia and a primitive ideology almost 1,400 years old.

European countries must slam the door shut on more Muslim immigration. And it has to remain closed until the Muslim world can peacefully get along not only with us but also with each other.

We too have to slam the door shut on illegal immigration and significantly reduce legal immigration here in the United States. Moreover, we require the right to decide who we will take in as citizens.

That doesn’t mean we stop all immigration from Muslim countries. However, those immigrants must be Christians and non-Muslims who this administration seems to pretend don’t exist. These people are being persecuted and killed in extraordinarily vile ways that are virtually beyond comprehension. The survivors, fleeing from Muslim countries, should be welcomed here with open arms.

Twenty-five years ago I had a NATO assignment that required that I research and write about the beginnings of the insanity we see today. Over that time I have become more worried because radical Muslim aggression has gotten larger and worse virtually every year since then.

What is especially shameful is that the turmoil in the Middle East and the danger to Western civilization has been greatly exacerbated by this administration’s insane policies. You don’t like the word “insane”? OK, maybe crazy or lunatic would be better adjectives. We need to wake up.

We must grind these mad men and their “caliphate” and primitive ideology into the dirt in the only way they understand. With force. And we have to bring both legal and illegal immigration under control. Will we wake up in time?

Given the overwhelming numbers of so-called “intellectuals” and bleeding-heart soft-in-the-head liberals who “blame America first and hate America more,” I really worry.


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