Lexy Ramler took first on vault, beam, and All-Around to win the Gymnix 2016 international meet in Canada.

Ramler sweeps international meet



Two Winona Senior High School students put their skills to the test and ventured to Canada to compete in International Gymnix 2016 from March 3-6. This competition attracts young gymnasts from around 32 countries to total 800 athletes and 200 coaches.

Among the rankings of participants from Chili, France and Canada, freshman Halle Remlinger (USAG) and junior Lexy Ramler (USAG and WSHS) represented Kidsport Gymnastics in small-town Winona, as the girls participated in all four events; Remlinger took first for floor (8.900) in the Level 10 Meet among 12 competitors, and Ramler took first on vault (14.300), beam (14.300) and All-Around (54.400) to win the meet.

Kidsport gymnastics coach Rob Murray joined the two athletes at the meet along with their parents. They all arrived to the meet Wednesday, March 2, and Remlinger returned to the US the following Saturday morning. Ramler stayed until Monday morning since finals were held on Sunday. There was also training in both the competing area and in a separate training gym for Ramler Thursday and Friday.

This was Remlinger’s first time at this international meet and Ramler’s second. Remlinger took a little while to adjust to her first-time on podium with brighter and hotter lights, only a quick 30-second touch and a large rotation of 12 competitors. Ramler knew what to expect at this nerve-wracking meet that challenges athletes with a floor that is springier, a beam that is wobblier and bars that can flex differently in the separate events that are higher up than normal. Ramler and Remlinger also said there are more specific rules and restrictions with podium performances.

“I wanted to do really well,” Ramler said. “I already knew the set up and was familiar with how things went, so it wasn’t such a shock as it was for Halle. I kind of knew what was going to happen.”

Ramler said this was a “fun meet” for them, but she was still a little nervous, mainly due to the fact that she was in the second half of warm-ups and competing in a larger group than Remlinger. She said this resulted in a lot of waiting. This time, Ramler said she was able to open up and make friends at the meet since she was not as stressed as the last time she participated in Gymnix International. She recalls the friendships of girls she met from Chile, Canada and other countries.

Beam was first for Ramler, which she said is the most nerve-wracking event for her. She said she was happy with her performance on beam, differing from her view of her routine on floor, which she performed second. She then concluded with strong performances on vault and bars.

“Beam was definitely my highlight of the meet,” Ramler said.

For Remlinger, her start on bars did not go as well as she hoped and the same went for beam that followed. She performed really well on floor, according to both her and Ramler, and vault went well for Remlinger as well.

“It was a high-pressure meet if you haven’t been on podium before, but it wasn’t at the same time because there wasn’t as many people there at one time,” Remlinger said regarding the different sessions held through out the day.

Ramler described her vault, beam and All-Around wins in the Challenge Meet as a confidence booster, but she makes it a point to stay grounded as she continues practice.

“I always have to be careful to make sure I come back into the gym and keep working hard,” Ramler said.

Remlinger also said competing at Gymnix International will benefit her in her future performances, due to the intense setting and high expectations.

“It boosted my confidence a lot since it was on podium, so I think my next week won’t be as stressful since I’m not going to be the only one focused on,” Remlinger said.

Remlinger participated in the state meet in the Twin Cities over the weekend through USAG, where she competed against all Level 10s in Minnesota to qualify for regionals. Next up for Ramler is the American Class Meet in Texas in the next few months.


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