Disappointed in Rep. Pelowski’s vote against working people


From: Diane Leutgeb Munson



As a Winona resident and constituent of state Representative Gene Pelowski, I am very disappointed in his vote on March 2 in favor of HF 600, commonly known as the preemption bill. This bill aims to take away the right of local governments to set their own standards for their communities on matters such as the minimum wage and earned sick time requirements. 

This legislation directly affects working people in Minnesota. It came about as a reaction to recent, successful organizing led by low-wage workers, primarily people of color, in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Both of those cities have recently passed strong sick leave ordinances, which preemption would eliminate, and workers are also currently organizing for minimum wage increases.  Minnesota lawmakers are now attempting to take away these hard-earned protections that were enacted through local activism and democracy.

Rep. Pelowski was one of only two DFL representatives who joined with Republicans in voting for this bill. HF 600 does not directly benefit the residents of this district, and further, harms people elsewhere in Minnesota.  We must demand more from our government and accountability from our legislators. 


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