Ashley for the Arts featured good crowds — and good security


From: Ava Kock

For the last two years I’ve been one of the O’Brien & Associates security guards at different summer events here in Wisconsin. My duties have included patrolling; watching for any “Herbert the Pervert;” exit/entrance gate watch; vehicle search and pack/bag/purse checks for weapons, drugs, and alcohol; and at the latest Ashley for the Arts in Arcadia, I had to wand patrons with a metal detector as well as the bag/purse checks.

I love and respect the security team I work with, as it includes many vets and bouncers who usually get the “bullpen” and other tough spots. My teammates are tough, and do their job well. At these events, we work with local and state police, sheriff, fire and rescue, and EMT departments which are so good, and whose presence we appreciate greatly!
I applaud Ashley Furniture for taking such precautions at it event to protect the patrons and bands that perform there. The crowds at these events are usually full of good people.

When I was wanding with the metal detector, I checked everybody who came through my gate — including children. A few of the parents were offended that I wanded their kids, and made comments like “Yeah, they’re packing big weapons!” and “Really?!?” It sucks having to do it, and is sad that it has to come down to such levels of security, but even if you and your little tikes are OK and clear, we are up against an enemy who straps devices on their kids. There just might be one of those families in your same line. And, due to a certain incident where a device did go off, I have a profound appreciation for our military.

Please remember that law enforcement, fire departments, EMTs, and security guards have to be on their guard and deal with insane crap 24/7, and some of us have seen and encountered some bizarre things — things that most only see in movies. And because of what I have witnessed in my life I refuse to be “politically correct” with my comments, or apologize for our policies. We’re here to prevent catastrophes and to keep you and your families safe while you enjoy yourselves at such gatherings. I hope Winona County follows Arcadia’s example and uses military vets or agencies such as NRA as their events.


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