Where does religious hatred of gay people come from?


From: John Rupkey

I thank Pastor Redig for pointing out that, in Winona, three Christian communities faithfully follow the teachings of Jesus when relating with gay people. That leaves, in Winona, many Christian churches as well as schools, two seminaries, a Newman Center, and a university that still programs self-hate into gay kids by teaching them that God considers the love they experience disordered.

This causes some gay people to hide inside psychological death chamber we euphemistically call a closet. Sometimes they love their neighbor the way they were taught by religious people to love by passing the self-hate on to them, continuing the centuries-long chain of hate.

Why do some Christians, as well as other religious people, continue to inflict the veiled religious hate of gay people from the Dark Ages on those people today in the 21st century? I believe the answer is in the Bible. In the passage I quote, I will emphasize that the author does not exclude gay people from his teaching by adding the word “gay” to every reference of “brother.”

The passage, from The New American Bible (a.k.a. The Catholic Bible), is verses seven through 11 from the second chapter to the first Epistle written by John, the young man Jesus loved when they were young:

“It is no new commandment that I write to you, but an old one which you had from the start. The commandment, now old, is the word you have already heard.

“On second thought, the commandment that I write you is new, as it is realized in him and you, for the darkness is over and the real light begins to shine.

“The man who claims to be in the light, hating his [gay] brother all the while, is in darkness, even now. The man who continues in the light is the one who loves his [gay] brother; there is nothing in him to cause a fall.

“But the man who hates his [gay] brother is in darkness. He walks in the shadows, not knowing where he is going, since the dark has blinded his eyes.”


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