Morse Code


From: Ted Haaland

Years ago there lived a man,
Samuel F.B. Morse by name,
who contrived a code for sending data
across the land,
and even past the”bounding main.”
Now, this early Morse was not a slouch,
by anyone’s standards —
He well deserved the accolades he earned,
by enhancing communication.
But as worthy as was F.B.,
we had right here our own Morse, Joseph,
a man of caring and great integrity.
All, I think, within our town,
and so many others the world around,
knew of Joe Morse and his “code,”
which in part was to break barriers down.
Joe, early-on, planned to be a priest,
but after just one year of study,
went South to join the fight for civil rights,
and thus began life-long commitment
to resist prejudice in any form.
Joe’s recent loss came at great cost
to our community, and on-going
civil speech and action.


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